Asada Together Fest 2019


1.    Purpose

• The purpose of Asada Together Fest 2019, is to promote and maximize the experience of sharing with others the passion for grilling. We give enthusiasts, participants, attendees, and sponsors the opportunity to enjoy a one-of-a-kind event.

2.    Markets and Dates

•   2019 markets, dates, and venues are:

                      Phoenix, AZ

                      June 15th, 2019

                      Talking Stick Resort Arena

                      San Antonio, TX

                      July 14th, 2019

                      Mission County Park

                      Los Angeles, CA

                      August 17th, 2019

                      LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes

•   Markets, dates, and venues are subject to change.


3.    Activities During Event

•   Asada Together Fest will have the following activities for each market:

•   Grilling Competition

•   Talk To The Masters

•   Grill Academy

•   The Grilling Competition is a contest for grilling enthusiasts to have the opportunity to win multiple in-kind prizes after demonstrating the skills they have acquired by cultivating their grilling passion.

•   Talk to the Masters are sessions where Weberฎ Grill Masters will be discussing important topics related to grilling.

•   Weberฎ Grill Academy are 30-minute classes with capacity for (40) people to prepare various dishes together with a Weberฎ Grill Master. Details will be provided the day of the event.



4.     General Information for the Event


•   Event is open to the public.

•   Grilling competition is for only those that register.

•   Access to the venue for participants in the grilling competition will start at 8:00 am on the day of the event.

•   Doors open for the general public at 10:00 am.

•   Participants will be given a schedule and judging times. Is their responsibility to make sure that their dishes are done within the allocated time.

•   Asada Together Fest will not give additional time or extensions.

•   Participants are also responsible for arriving on time.

•   If they arrive late, this will shorten their cooking time.

•   Outside beverages and food are not allowed.

•   Any food and beverage must be purchased through approved concessionaires.

•   Participants can have any garments or clothing that has branding of competing brands for Asada Together Fest and its sponsors.

•   Outside tents, chairs, banners, and any other type of decoration is not allowed.

•   There will be a parking lot for Asada Together Fest staff and sponsors.

•   Participants and attendees might need to pay for their parking.

•   Asada Together Fest will not reimburse participants or attendees for this expense.

•   Asada Together Fest can decide the layout of the event, based on what works best for them.

•   Asada Together Fest can change the schedule for any unforeseen circumstances (external or internal).

•   In case of weather or other unforeseen circumstances, Asada Together Fest will determine if they need to reimburse participants or if the event will be rescheduled.

•   Asada Together Fest will have an ER staff at the location. Expenses for any type of medical injuries will be subject to Asada Together Fest insurance coverage and the medical/insurance coverage that the affected person has.

•   Asada Together Fest will be in charge of security.

•   Asada Together Fest is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during the event.

•   Asada Together Fest will be generating a Fire Permit according to city regulations.

•   Asada Together Fest will be executed during the Summer months. Asada Together Fest highly encourages participants, attendees., staff members and other people to wear light clothes, stay in shade and stay hydrated.

•   Asada Together Fest is not responsible for any damages or injuries that are done by participants, attendees, or sponsors.


5.    Grilling Competition

•   For the grilling competition, there is a limited capacity for (15) participating teams.

•   Registrations will close (3) days before each event.

•   Or as soon as the capacity of the contest has been reached.

•   A minimum of (2) and a maximum of (5) participants per team is allowed.

•   Minors are not allowed to participate in the grilling competition or be inside the beer gardens.

•   Asada Together Fest is not responsible for any alcohol given to minors during the events directly by attendees or participants.

•   The team must have a name and designate a captain, who will be in charge of directly communicating with the Asada Together Fest when required.

•   The team name may not be offensive or include any brand not previously approved by Asada Together Fest.

•   No outside sponsors are allowed for the teams.


6.    Qualifications for Grilling Competition

•   Grilling competition is only open to amateurs.

•   People who have never been paid for their grilling skills or have professional culinary training are not allowed to participate.

•   Students or people who have only taken courses are considered amateurs.

•   Any questions on whether or not someone is a candidate to participate in the grilling competition, please contact Asada Together Fest (

•   Asada Together Fest staff cannot be part of the grilling competition.


7.    Registration for Grilling Competition

•   The captain of the team interested in registering for the grilling competition should login to

•   Once the registration portal has been accessed, they must fill in the requested information and wait for the confirmation for availability.

•   The submission of the form implies that they have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the contest described herein. If there are any further questions, they should send an e-mail to

•   For the registration to be processed, they will have to submit payment through the registration portal.

•   Participants must pay a registration fee of $490 USD per team to participate.

•   Participants need to use one of the payment methods on the site.

•   Payment needs to be approved to be considered as a valid registration.

•   Registrations that are not paid are not considered valid.

•   There are no payment plans for the registration fee; this needs to be paid in full to be considered as valid.

•    Registration fee includes the following items:

•   An Original 22” Kettle Premium Weberฎ Grill (worth $109 USD).

•   An 18” Weberฎ Smokey Mountain Cooker (worth $199 USD).
A Tecateฎ ice chest with ice (worth $50 USD).

•   A Tecateฎ apron for each team member (worth $35 USD each).

•   Area for grilling composed of a 10’ x 10’ canopy, (5) chairs, (1) work table, and a garbage container.

•   Unlimited bags of charcoal.

•   It is the responsibility of the team to bring their own utensils.

•   Asada Together Fest is not responsible for any dishes that are not executed correctly for lack of utensils or negligence from the participants.

•   Participants are 100% responsible for the quality, cooking technique, taste, and originality of all the food they prepare.

•   The day of the event, participants need to bring confirmation of their registration.

•   Is the team’s responsibility to ensure that they have proof the day of the event.

•   Participants need to be the same as the ones listed in the registration form.

•   No additional members are allowed the day of the event.

•   By paying and registering to the event, participants acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions.

•   Participants will be keeping all of the items that are part of their registration fee.

•   They are responsible for all shipping or transportation fees on the day of the event.

•   If participants choose to transport the items in their own vehicles, they are responsible for the loading and unloading of the items to their vehicles.

•   Asada Together Fest staff, won’t assist participants with the loading and unloading process.

•   Asada Together Fest is not responsible for damages, theft or loss of the items once participants arrive at their grilling station and acknowledge that they have received all the materials.

•   Participants will sign a release form for all the materials in their station.

•   Alcoholic beverages inside the grilling area are permitted, as long as there’s a liquor license that covers the area where the grilling competition takes place.

•   Participants should ask if beer is allowed in their grilling area.

•   Asada Together Fest is not responsible for any type of fines incurred if participants don’t follow city and state regulations.


8.    Food Categories for Grilling Competition

•   The contest has three categories:

•   Pork: it can be any type of pork meat, such as pork chops, pork loin, ribs, among others.

•   Chicken: it can be any type of chicken meat including breast, wings or whole chickens.

•   Beef: it can be any type of beef including ribeye, New York, chuck, rib, round, flank, short plate, brisket, shank, among others.

•   All teams must participate with a dish in all three categories.

•   The preparation of side dishes is allowed, taking into consideration that all food presented to the judges will be subject to evaluation.

•   All supplies and utensils related to the grill (except as detailed in point 6 - Registration), as well as the plates necessary for serving the food, must be brought by the contestants and they are solely responsible for them. No team is required to offer samples to the attendees.

•   Each recipe must be original and prepared only by the team members using charcoal.

•   All food and marinades must be prepared during the time of the contest. You cannot bring previously prepared dishes, marinades, sauces, or side dishes.

•   Judging times will be determined by Asada Together Fest staff.

•   Participants, attendees, sponsors, or any other person can not change or modify the proposed schedules.


9.    Evaluation Process for Grilling Competition


•     The dishes will be evaluated by one of the following Weberฎ International Grill Masters:


a.Michael P. Clive (CAN)

b.Christian Duthoy (MX)

c.Kevin Kolman (USA)

d.Michael Furmanski (CL)

e.Alfredo Villanueva (MX)

f.Dustin Green (USA)

g.Jason Pruitt (USA)


•     Weberฎ can change the judges at any time.

•     Weberฎ is responsible for the Weberฎ Masters.

•     Asada Together Fest is not responsible or liable for the content they share during the event.

•     Participants and attendees can not held Grill Master liable for any information obtained from these events.

•     Evaluation of the dishes will be 100% on-site, based on the following criteria:




Cooking Technique










•   Each team must prepare an original dish of each category for evaluation by the judges contemplating a regular portion. The team is responsible for bringing at least 5 plates for serving.

•     (1) Weberฎ Grill Master will evaluate one of the categories.

•     Is the responsibility of the Grill Master to evaluate all the contestants and their respective dishes.

•     Weberฎ Grill Masters will have their judging sheets.

•     Their decision on each category is final.

•     Participants, attendees, staff, or sponsors can not appeal their decision.

•     Overall winner will be determined by adding the points obtained in each category. The team with the highest number of points will be considered the winning team.

•     Asada Together Fest staff will be in charge of properly tabulating all the results and determining the winners for each category and the overall winner.

•     Their decision is also final and can not be appealed by participants, sponsors, other staff members, or any other type of legal organization/professional.

•     Participants can not ask for assistance, recommendations, or opinions to Weberฎ Grill Masters.

•     Dishes that are not presented on time or are not ready for the evaluation process won’t be considered.

•     Judges are not responsible for dishes that are affected by the actions of the participants.

•   In the event of a tie, the Grill Masters Weberฎ committee and the Asada Together Fest Staff will be responsible for making a final decision.

•   Their decision will be final and can not be appealed by participants, attendees, staff members, sponsors or anybody else.

•   All decisions can not be appealed or challenged.

•   Recounts or any other type of challenge won’t be considered.


10.      Prizes for Grilling Competition  

•   The contest will have (1) winning team per category and only (1) overall winning team (the team with the highest score for all categories):

•   Prizes will be distributed the day of the event.

•   Prizes cannot be negotiated or changed by participants, sponsors, staff members, or any other person involved with the event.

•   Prizes given to the participants are:

•   Per Category for the Whole Team: a Weberฎ Performer Deluxe Charcoal 22 in (worth $439 USD).

•   Main Prize for the Whole Team: a Weberฎ Summit 24-Inch Charcoal Grilling Center (worth $1,999.00 USD).

•   There are no refunds for the prizes given.

•   Prizes cannot be exchanged for other prizes or cash.

•   Participants accept the prizes as is.

•   By receiving the prize at the award ceremony the participant is acknowledging and accepting the decision of the Asada Together Fest staff.

•   Recipients of the prizes cannot appeal their prizes or request something different.

•   Participants are responsible for any transportation charges for their prizes.

•   They are responsible for all shipping or transportation fees on the day of the event.

•   If participants choose to transport the items in their own vehicles, they are responsible for the loading and unloading of the items to their vehicles.

•   Asada Together Fest staff, won’t assist participants with the loading and unloading process.

•   Asada Together Fest is not responsible for damages, theft or loss of the items once participants arrive to their grilling station that acknowledge that they have received all the materials.

•   Asada Together Fest will be coordinating with team captains a meeting or call to go over the rules and regulations.

•   Is the team leader’s  responsibility to attend these meetings/calls.

•   If a team can not attend one of these calls or meetings, the information will be sent via e-mail.

•   If the team leader’s responsibility to make sure all the team members are informed.

•   Asada Together Fest is not responsible for any miscommunication or misunderstandings with team members.

•   By having the calls and by reading the information sent, the team member acknowledges that his/her whole team agrees with the terms and conditions of Asada Together Fest.


11.       Reasons for Disqualification

The team may be automatically disqualified if it incurs one or more of the following actions:

1)    One or more team members have received professional culinary training and/or obtaining income for their grilling skills.

2)    The team is receiving support in the preparation of dishes from someone who is not registered as a member.

3)    The team uses a commercial grill of a brand other than Weberฎ.

4)    A brand that has not been approved by the Organizing Committee is used as a sponsor.

5)    Misbehavior (excessive alcohol drinking, fighting, attempting to interfere with the voting of the judges, or influencing the performance of any other team).

6)    The team does not present their dish at the specified time.

7)    If one or all team members use marinades, food or dishes that are pre-cooked or not prepared during the competition.


12.     Contact


•   For any additional questions, please send an e-mail to: