Score a New BMW

Presented by BMW of San Francisco



These contest rules are specific to the above contest conducted by Entercom California LLC d/b/a KGMZ-FM (the “Station”).  Except to the extent specifically set forth below with respect to this specific contest, the Station’s general contest rules apply to this contest as well.  A copy of these specific rules and the Station’s general contest rules are available on the Station’s website at:  As a preventative measure in light of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, copies of the specific contest rules and the Station’s general contest rules will not be available at the Station’s studio.  To the extent the general contest rules differ from these rules, these rules will govern and control with respect to this contest.


Special Entry/Eligibility Restrictions

1.     No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win the Score a New BMW Contest (the “Contest”).

2.     To be eligible to participate in this Contest, entrants must be legal U.S. residents of California and must be 21 years or older as of date of entry in this Contest.

3.     Employees of Station, BMW of San Francisco (the “Sponsor”), the Station, or any other sponsors participating in this Contest and their respective affiliated companies, advertising or promotional agencies and the immediate family and household members (as defined in the general contest rules) of each are ineligible to participate in this Contest.

4.     Maximum of one (1) entry per email address during the Contest.


How to Enter & How to Win

5.     From 12:00am (PT) on February 10, 2021 and 10:00am (PT) on February 24, 2021 (“Registration Period”), go to and follow the links to the entry form, or go directly to the entry form at  Follow the online instructions provided to complete and submit the on-line entry form with all of the required information including name, complete address (including City, State, Zip), valid email address, age, and phone number(s) (including area code(s)).

6.     On February 24, 2021 at approximately 10:30am (PT), one (1) potential finalist (“Potential Finalist”) will be selected in a Station-conducted random drawing from all entries received.

7.     Potential Finalist will be notified by phone promptly following the random drawing. If the Potential Finalist cannot be reached by the Station to confirm their selection on the initial phone call attempt, then that Potential Finalist may be disqualified, and at the Station’s sole discretion, an alternate Potential Finalist may be randomly selected per the procedures outlined above. Any selected Potential Finalist who does not meet the eligibility requirements, or who does not wish to participate in the Contest will be disqualified. An alternate Potential Finalist will be randomly selected per the procedures outlined above. By 5:00pm (PT) on Friday, February 26, 2021, if a Potential Finalist has failed to complete the forms or if a Potential Finalist is not eligible, it is at the Station’s sole discretion to conclude the Contest without a Potential Finalist. Decisions of Station in the selection and determination of the Finalist, and all matters related to this Contest are final. Finalist selection and participation is non-transferable. The first Potential Finalist who is reached by the Station to confirm their selection will become the “Finalist”.

8.     Grand Prize Contest – Professional Basketball Final Score Prediction Contest

a.     The Finalist will be required to submit their prediction of the exact Final Score of the designated professional basketball game (“Finalist Prediction”). 

              i.    Designated professional basketball game (the “Game”) is Los Angeles vs. Golden State taking place on February 28, 2021.

b.     The Finalist’s Prediction does not need to stipulate which team will win the Game.

              i.    Ex:  If the Finalist’s Prediction is 100-99, a score of Los Angeles 100, Golden State 99 or a score of Golden State 100, Los Angeles 99 as the actual score of the Game would constitute a “Winning Finalist Prediction”.

c.     The Finalist’s Prediction must be submitted in writing in the manner as designated by Station, and must be received by 5:00pm (PT) on February 26, 2021, and once submitted may not be altered or changed. 

              i.    If the Finalist’s Prediction is not submitted and received by Station by 5:00pm (PT) on February 26, 2021, the Finalist shall be disqualified from the Contest and ineligible to participate.

             ii.    At the Station’s sole discretion, an alternate Potential Finalist may be randomly selected per the procedures outlined above.

             iii.    In the event that no Potential Finalist is able to be reached, does not successfully submit a Finalist Prediction by 5:00pm (PT) on February 26, 2021, or all Potential Finalists are deemed ineligible, no Finalist will be selected, no Qualifying Prize (as described in Section 13 below) will be awarded, and no Grand Prize (as described in Section 14 below) will be awarded.

d.     In the event Finalist’s Prediction exactly matches the final score of the Game, the Finalist will be eligible to claim the Grand Prize (as described in Section 14 below) subject to verification and compliance with these official rules. 

9.     Effect of Rescheduled/Cancelled/Incomplete Game:

a.     If the Game is postponed for any reason and is rescheduled to be played within the 2021 season, the Finalist will be eligible to win the Grand Prize during the rescheduled game.

b.     If the Game is postponed for any reason and is not rescheduled to be played within the 2021 season, the Contest is void and the Finalist will not have an opportunity to win the Grand Prize.

10.  If the Game is suspended and therefore not a regulation game, the Grand Prize will not be awarded for that Game.  If the Game is suspended and play resumed, or rescheduled to a future date, so that the Game is designated a regulation game, such Game shall be deemed eligible for the purposes of the Contest in accordance with Section 9 above.

11.  In the event that a Prize Winner or Finalist is disqualified, for any reason, at any time, the Prize that he/she may have otherwise been entitled to will not be re-awarded and will remain the property of Station or its designee.

12.  The Finalist will be required to sign and return a completed IRS W-9 form, one or more affidavits and/or liability release agreements within 3 business days prior to being entitled to any prize in this Contest.  Failure to do so by that deadline will result in automatic forfeiture of any prize in this Contest.



13.  Qualifying Prize:  The Finalist will receive a pro basketball jersey with a maximum retail value of $300.00.  The Station will solely designate and specify available size, color, and team for Qualifying Prize.

14.  Grand Prize:  A maximum of one (1) Grand Prize MAY be awarded to the one (1) Finalist if the Finalist makes a Winning Finalist Prediction, and will only be awarded upon satisfaction of the circumstances described in these Contest rules are satisfied and upon validation and verification by Station and Million Dollar Media, LLC, subject to eligibility and compliance with these Contest rules.  The Grand Prize, if awarded, is one (1) 2020 BMW 228 Gran Coupe from BMW of San Francisco with a maximum retail value not to exceed $45,270.00, such figure is based on Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") (the “Vehicle”). The Vehicle VIN is WBA73AK06L7F94744.  The Vehicle’s actual retail value may vary from the value stated herein due to the selection of options, accessories, or delivery location. Grand Prize Winner must accept delivery of vehicle from the Sponsor, or as otherwise specified by Sponsor.  Grand Prize Winner may not substitute, exchange, or apply the Vehicle’s value towards a higher cost or alternate vehicle.  The Station reserves the right to award an alternate year model (i.e. 2019, if the 2020 model is not available at the time of prize award).  If the designated Vehicle MSRP is under $45,270.00, the Grand Prize Winner will not be awarded the difference between the vehicle’s actual MSRP and $45,270.00.  Sponsor responsible for payment of a document processing charge ($85.00), sales tax ($3,847.95) and non-tax fees ($623.00). Total value including all costs of the Grand Prize is $49,825.95.  Dealer incentives or rebates will not be credited or applied to the Vehicle.  Vehicle awarded may differ from any vehicle shown in Promotion materials.

a.     The Vehicle must be accepted by the Winner “as-is”.

b.     Grand Prize Winner shall be solely responsible for any and all additional applicable taxes, as well as title, plate fees, registration and insurance (proof of which must be shown prior to taking possession of vehicle), dealer preparation fees and destination charges (if any), operating and maintenance expenses and any other fees and expenses not specified herein associated with the receipt and use of the Grand Prize.

c.     Grand Prize Winner is solely responsible for all costs associated with any permitted or available vehicle upgrade/option package and/or accessories.

d.     Station neither makes nor is responsible in any manner for any warranties, representations, or guarantees, express or implied, in fact or law, relating to such Vehicle, including without limitation, its quality, mechanical condition, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, with the exception of any standard manufacturer’s warranty that may apply to the Vehicle.

e.     Grand Prize Winner will be required to complete all relevant transfer documents for the Vehicle at a mutually agreed upon date and time during regular business.

f.      Grand Prize Winner must show proof of California state automobile liability insurance requirements prior to taking possession of the Vehicle.

g.     Grand Prize Winner must possess and present state authorized identification prior to being awarded the Vehicle.

h.     The transfer of ownership of the Vehicle to the Grand Prize Winner shall require the Grand Prize Winner to: (1) provide proof of valid insurance that is of sufficient coverage to satisfy those minimum coverage requirements as may be required by the state of California; and (2) to pay in advance of awarding the Vehicle any and all additional applicable taxes, emission testing charges, dealer fees, service fees, and any license, title, and registration fees as may apply and be required by the state of California and the county, and municipality in which the Grand Prize Winner resides. Fees can vary by zip code.

i.      Grand Prize Winner is advised to contact their state department of revenue for actual tax rates and information.

j.      Grand Prize Winner shall be solely responsible for his/her compliance, and any costs associated with his/her compliance, with all laws governing the lawful operation of the Vehicle in the state, county, and municipality of California of which the Grand Prize Winner is a legal resident, which may include, but is not limited to, the requirement for the operator of a Vehicle to secure and hold a valid government issued driver’s license.

k.     Grand Prize Winner must take possession of Vehicle by April 30, 2021. FAILURE TO PICK UP THE VEHICLE, COMPLETE ALL OF THE REQUIRED FORMS BY APRIL 30, 2021, FOR ANY REASON WILL AUTOMATICALLY RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF ANY PRIZE IN THIS CONTEST BY THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER. Station is NOT obligated to select a replacement Winner (but reserves the right to do so in its sole discretion, time permitting).

l.      Grand Prize Winner must take possession of vehicle at a dealership designated by the Station or its designee within forty-five (45) days following winning (or once the Vehicle becomes available).


Odds of Winning

15.  The odds of becoming a Finalist in the Contest depend on the number of eligible entries received.

16.  The odds of a Finalist winning the Grand Prize depend on the performance of the teams in the Game compared to the Finalist’s Prediction.



17.  This Contest is sponsored by BMW of San Francisco.  Entercom California, LLC is the Contest Administrator for this Contest.


Other Rules Specific to This Contest

18.  Station is conducting this Contest using proprietary software owned by a third party known as Second Street Inc. (“Second Street”).  Second Street is not a sponsor of this Contest but entrants may be required, as part of the entry process, to agree and consent to Second Street’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (both of which are available via a link during the Contest entry process) (collectively, the “Second Street Policies”) and may be required to register with Second Street.  While agreement to the Second Street Policies is required in order to enter this Contest, the Second Street Policies are not a part of these Contest rules but are a separate agreement between the entrant and Second Street.  With respect to the conduct of this Contest by Station, in the event of any conflict between the Second Street Policies and the Station Contest rules, the Station’s Contest rules govern.

19.  Station is not responsible for any error or technical malfunctions associated with the Second Street site that may affect any entrant’s ability to enter, to win, or to be properly considered in this Contest, regardless of the cause.  In the event of a malfunction associated with the Second Street site that Station (in its sole discretion) deems to materially and adversely affect this Contest, Station reserves the right to suspend this Contest, terminate this Contest without a winner, terminate this Contest and select a winner early, provide alternative means of entry or any other changes to these Contest rules that Station deems appropriate under the circumstances.  Any such changes, terminations or suspensions will be announced on air and/or posted on the Station’s website, if applicable.

20.  Employees of Second Street and its affiliates, their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising sponsors and promotional agencies, and the immediate family members of each are not eligible to win in this Contest.